“There is … in Romania – a third of all mineral waters of Europe, potable as well as for therapy”
– World Tourist and Travel Council –
Report April 2006

The SPAS are real “health sources”, spread all over the country endowed with natural curative factors of exceptional value among which the springs with mineral and thermal waters, mud and therapeutic moffetes, the climate and topography, the lakes with therapeutic waters and the mud are among the best known and most appreciated. Add to all these the human factor , as specialized personnel which contributes to restoring, prevention and maintenance of health, a diversified infrastructure adapted to this activity ( hotel and pensions, treatment structures fit with the most modern medical equipment), traditional methods and naturist products, all these are giving an almost complete image of the Romanian balneary potential.
Give your life a price by caring for your health .


Ancient documents show that treatment bath were used even since 1000 AD for different diseases , when the monk Felix has discovered them.
The hottest thermal spring of the country, with temperatures comprised between 32-49 degrees C, fosil medical mud and *the main therapeutical factors and the geriatric clinics existing here offer body revitalization treatment. Baile Felix are well known for curing different rheumatic, gynecological, neurological diseases, as well as post-surgery conditions.


It is situated at 15 km away from Targu Mures city. At an altitude of 475m, at the foot of Gurghiu Mountains, the resort has a sub-alpine climate with cool summers and gentle winters, climate that has a relaxing efect over the nervous system. In 1850, Sovata was recognised as member of the national patrimony of spas.
Cure factors are represented by the thermal lakes ( Ursu Lake ), medical mud ( Alunis and Black Lake ) and a special attraction considered to be the Green and Red Lake . situated at the foot of the salt Mountain. Therapeutic Prescriptions: Gynecologic disease; degenerative, inflamatory and articular rheumatism, post- traumatic sequels, peripherial neurological affections. endocrine ailments.


The spa is located at 564 m altttude. In the meeting place of the eastern side of Vrancea Mountains within the Depression of Barsa, 31km far from Sfantu Gheorghe and 60km far from Brasov. Covasna became famous due to “The Devil’s Swamp”with strong emanation of alkaline carbogaseous water and gray mud . Cardiovascular affections, dermatological deseases, ailments of the digestive tract, and its attached glands endocrine and gynaecologic affections , locomotion ailments, nutrition diseases and ailments associated to the aging process. Carbogaseous baths, electrotherapy, diadynamic currents, neurotone, ultrasonic treatment, short waves, aerosols, thermo-therapy, paraffin packing, medical gymnastic, fitness etc.


It is a very well known Spa resort. Situated at an altitude of 650 m at the foot of the volcanic mountain Harghita. Besides the curing possibilities offered by mineral waters and the air, there is a wide range of possibilities such as trips to the Ciucas Lake and to the volcanic lake St.Ana .
The first writings about the mineral waters of Tusnad date from the 18th century. They prove the existance of mineral water springs which were used by the villagers for their curative effects.
Therapeutic prescriptions: cardiovascular affections, nervous system affections, digestive diseases, endocrine problems. The Spa also called “ The Pearl of Ardeal” is one of the most beautiful balnear resorts of Romania.


Renowned as ‘the seaside of Ardeal” is located in the north west of Sibiu Depression, at an altitude of 400m and 12 km from the famous medieval city of Sibiu . Real therapy salty lakes appeared in time, on the location of old abandoned salt mines. The zone is typically continental of hll plateau type, with local enclaves ( reversed temperatures beween winter and summer, strong summer sunshine). Which have a strong influence in treatment and prevention Of some affections.
Natural curative factors: high content salt lakes, mineral water springs, sapropelic mud, sedating and relaxing climate with tonic effects on human body. Types of Therapy: balneotherapy, hydrotherapy, thermo therapy, lung-therapy, electro-kinetic therapy.


The spa is located at 260 m altotude, in calimanesti depression situated on the right bank of the Olt River where it goes our of the Meridional Carpathians. The mineral waters of the resort have been used since the Roman times.; the Romand built here fortifications and baths. The resort is documentary attested in 1388. The mineral springs were therapeutically used beginning with 1830. Napoleon II, the Emperor of France, who had a renal affection, also used the mineral waters. The waters were exhibited in Vienna bt the mineral waters collection; the waters are similar to those from Evian. Vittel and Contrexeville .
Therapeutic Prescriptions: digestive affections, chronic hepatisis and chronic pancreatic affections, renal and urinary tract affections, breathing affections, associated ailments. Types of Therapy : hydrotherapy, aerosols therapy, electro-physio-therapy, kinetic therapy.


Eforie Nord is situated on the Black Sea Coast, between the sea and Techirghiol Lake, 14km South from Constanta. At the end of the 19th century, a Sanatorium was built (1894) and a wooden ward for baths, the latter lasting until 1904. The resort started to really develop after 1960, at present being the second biggest resort on the Romanian Black Sea Coast. The annual average temperature is 11.2 degrees C ( over 22 degrees C in July and over 0 degress C in January. The winters are mild with little snow; the sun shines 10-12 hours a day and around 2400 hours a year . The Black Sea water, the salty water of Techirghiol Lake and its sapropelic mud, climate specific to the sea zone, rich in saline aerosols and solar radiation, all stimulate the human body. Therapeutic prescriptions : degenerative rheumatism, inflammatory rheumatism, post-trauma affections, Neurological / gynaecological / dermatological or breathing affections; associated ailments ( cardiovascular, endocrine,metabolic, nytritional and professional diseases.

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