Located in the south-east part of Romania and Europe, the Black Sea is seen as a continental sea, with a surface of 413.000 km ², an average depth of 1.282 m, and a salinity reduced compared to the one of the ocean.


The Black Sea coast extends on 245 km, from the “mouth” of the Danube up to the Bulgarian border. Seaside resorts have major assets which make of it a holiday place appreciated by all.


For spending beautiful holidays, to slacken, discover and especially to remake a health: antirheumatic treatment, treatments with the famous Gérovital. Tourism and the Black Sea go well together. The Romanian riviera counts 50km coast: 16 spas (including certain balneo-climatic), without counting the six the most famous: Mamaia, Eforie Nord, Costinesti (the youth resosrt), Neptun (the holiday place preferred of Ceausescu), Olimp, Venus, Vama Veche (fame for its nudist beach). The balneo is well represented by the lake Techirghiol, with its therapeutic properties.


The amateurs of beach and swimming have a good choice – one can find 8 seaside resorts along the 82 kilometers of beach from the fine sand of the Black Sea coast, with many nautical bases, amusement parks, clubs, terraces and discotheques.


You will find modern hotels, an animated night life, a great variety of grounds and sports halls, water sport etc. The Romanian Black Sea coast extends on over 245 km length. While the surface of the Danube Delta is strictly protected, the southern areaof the coast was transformed for a distance of 72 km into a chain of resorts.


The pearl of the Romanian riviera, Mamaia is located on the sand belt which separates salt water from the sea from the fresh water of the lake Siutghiol. The beach is the most extended from the Romanian coast – pays on approximately 8 km (starting from Hotel Parc up to the Pirates’ Inn), and its width varies between 100 – 200 m in the northern part and 50 – 100 m in the southern part. The resort holds, in addition to the hotels and the elegant restaurants bases for sport grounds, amusement parks, Aqua Magic, gondole, summer theatre, cinemas, bars, beauty shops.

Eforie Nord

Eforie Nord is the second great resort from the Black Sea coast with regard to the number of places, after Mamaia. The resort is located on a 30 m high cliff, on a strip of land which lays between Techirghiol Lake and the Black Sea. The beach extends on 4 km length, reaching the south, with a width of 100 m. The presence of Techirghiol Lake, famous for its curative qualities and for other therapeutic factors, as well as for its treatment bases, offered to the resort the fame for relaxation and of recovery.

Eforie Sud

Eforie Sud is the most extended resort, “registered”seaside resort in 1928. The beach extends on 1 km length and it is sheltered by two large dams. The sector of treatment is organized in the shape of specific balnear private clinics for the rheumatiques ones, gynécopathies, skin diseases, diseases of the peripheral nervous system. The hotels are concentrated in the northern part.


Like Eforie, Techirghiol is recommended for relaxation and treatment. The resort is known for its miraculous, curative qualities of the sapropelic mud and salt water of the lake, but also for the monastery St Maria, built in the 18th century.


31 km off Constanta, Costinesti is the” capital of the summer holidays for the young people”. The fast development of the resort consists in the large number of pupils and students who choose Costinesti as a holiday destination. It offers, in addition to the beach, bungalows and discotheques, festivals, concerts, etc.


Olimp resort has 8.500 places for accommodation in hotels of 3 and 2 stars as well as 500 places in the camp-site. One finds there the unit” Amphitheatre, Panoramic, largest Belvedere”, and beautiful tourist complex of the Rumanian littoral.


The resosrt lays between the beach and the Comorova forest. 2 and 3 star hotels, the villas, the restaurants, the bars, the discotheques are placed in an area that is very rich in vegetation. The capacity of housing of 8.000 places, as well as the balnear polyclinic Doina, attracts annually more than 50.000 Romanian and foreign tourists.


Structured by high hotels of great capacity at the seaside and low constructions in the central zone of the resort, Jupiter offers 8.500 places of housing in 2 star hotels and approximately 1500 places of housing in small houses in the vacation village” Zodiac” which is at the border with Neptun resort.

Cap Aurora

It is the newest resort, which extends on a strip of land from approximately 250 m width and approximately 1 km length, between the Jupiter stations in north and Venus to the south, without there being a geographical delimitation of nature.


The station is located in the southern part of the coast, between Cap Aurora and Saturn. The name was inspired by the goddess of the beauty: the central lake (around which one arranged tens of villas in an atmosphere of calm and of intimacy). As regards the vegetation, it belongs to the resort, which is a botanical garden.


The points of attraction are the variety of the bars and the discotheques (in open air, on the beach or on the last floors of hotels), the beaches and the possibilities of housing at competitive prices in 1 and 2 star hotels, in villas from the two vacation villages and in the camp-site of 3.000 places. The health centre from the complex” Hora” and the parks of amusement recommend the resort to all the categories of tourists.

Vama Veche – 2 Mai

The coastal region May 2 – Vama Veche is, for the majority, a place which lends itself only to the baths sun. Its true value is unfortunately, far from known. The beach from Vama Veche – which continues the beach of May 2 – measurement 30-40 m width and 700 m length. The type of housing in these tourist villages, is mostly at pensions and tents, having in sight that they are preferred by the artists and the young nonconformists who come here to spend the holidays in the open air, in the middle of nature.


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